A bikey week

I get lots of comments on my bike and my lifestyle when I’m out with the kids and the bike. One common comment is “I don’t know how you do it.” But really, I don’t know how they do it, driving everywhere with their kids. I go crazy.

There was a week earlier this summer when our oldest was with her grandparents, so we signed up the 5yo for chess camp so he’d have something special too.

Chess camp in Bellevue.

We’ve written about Bellevue before.

I spent all week driving.

The next week I was so very glad to be back on the bike.

Monday: I took both big kids to visit the eye doctor in Redmond. 8yo’s bike was having trouble with the front brake rubbing, so I towed it down and we stopped at a bike shop first. Bike fixed, she got to ride around Redmond.

Downtown Redmond is pretty kid-friendly, but there’s such a big climb to get home that we don’t usually bring their bikes along. It was a beautiful day and we had a nice ride aside from the dicey crossing of Avondale. We stopped at a donut shop for lunch and then I toted kids and bike back up the hill to home.

Tuesday: we biked to Crossroads. I biked the boys down to the library while the oldest was at her appointment.

Then we picked up a half flat of berries at the farmers market, picked up the oldest, and met some friends at the splash park before biking home.

Thursday: I biked to afternoon tea at a friend’s house. It was hot! And I’d forgotten how much uphill there was to get there. But then it cooled down as evening approached and I was able to get a tip on a bike shortcut that involved less climbing.

Friday: we biked to swimming lessons. We’re at a sweet spot where I can fit all four kids on the bike at once for short trips, so I’m milking it as much as I can.

Then later in the afternoon we biked about a half mile to tour a potential new house.

After a week of driving, I was especially grateful that most of the time I don’t have to. Our infrastructure might be lacking, but for our most important destinations, there is enough that I can get there

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