Mark’s 2016 Errundonnee Trips

The Errandonnee is over, and so far I’ve only written about running with a chair.  So here goes the rest, all by running (of course!)

Day 2 (March 5), Trip #2, Errands #2-4: Books, art tour, donut!

This was a mostly manufactured set of errands to put a Saturday longer-than-commute run to good use.  We had a few books to return to the library that I simply carried in my hand to avoid having a bag for the rest of the trip.  I chose the route to go on a Kirkland public art tour (half real, half sarcastic mocking):

First we have the poem post (meta-art?), a neat addition to the neighborhood:

Next we go the sarcasm route with one of Kirkland’s fine single-lot sidewalks.  Remodels and new construction are required to add sidewalks, which is good in some places but results in a patchwork of sidewalks.  Legally, one is required to use a sidewalk when it exists, which basically means that anyone that walks in Kirkland breaks the law.  The bigger problem, literally, is that often the road is widened to add an unused parking lane, and then people drive faster.  This was a neighborhood street that both our 7- and 5-year olds bike with us, and we’re really hoping it stays that way.  Luckily the widening was minimal here:

More meta-art, the Kirkland Performance Center:

Ok, some actual art. First at the library:

Then bears near the bakery:

A bench near the bike shop:

Some stuff on Park Lane (sorry, no skillful commentary here):

Some rabbits and then a blurry dog on a cow (on Central Ave near stuff that I can’t remember because I usually avoid that area):

Heritage Hall and the archway at nearby Heritage Park:

A break for sarcasm, the Kirkland Pedestrian Flag of Surrender:

Juanita Bay Park (ok, you’re supposed to look from the pathway, but this is where I run so that’s what you get):

I’m tired of embedding these, so you’ll have to go to Juanita yourself. Here’s my donut:

Categories: Non-store (library), arts & entertainment (art tour), personal care (donut)
Miles: 10.4 (cumulative 18.4)

Day 3 (March 6), Trip #3, Errand #5: Church drop-off/pickup

I escorted our 7 year old to the church for choir practice. I didn’t stay this time and ran a 7 mile loop with no transportation purpose whatsoever. Hills affects running and biking very differently. I can’t keep up on the downhills, and she can’t keep up on the uphills.

Category: personal business
Transportation Miles: 1.6 (20)
Total Miles: 9 (27.4)

Day 4 (March 7), Trip #4, Errands #6-7: To running workout, commute

I ran down to the Sammamish River Trail for some tempo miles. Pretty place. Note that the workout miles are not transportation, but getting there is.

Categories: personal care, work
Transportation Miles: 5 (25)
Total Miles: 11 (38.4)

Day 5 (March 8), Trips #5-6, Errands #8-9: 2 x commute

Commutes seem kind of boring in the context of writing up an Errundonnee, but really they are probably the most important transportation running that I do. The single car for our family works easily because we don’t do any of our regular trips by car, so basically any time either of us needs the car (which isn’t all that often), the planning is pretty easy.

I usually commute with a backpack that contains some or all of 1-2 days of clothes, shoes, and 1-2 days of lunch. If I get far enough ahead on stuff at work, I get to go without the backpack. If I go in another way, I stock up for the same reason. Going without the backpack is rare.

Also, I hate most of the street crossings.

Categories: 2 x work (overflowed that category)
Transportation Miles: 7.6 (32.6)
Total Miles: 7.6 (46)

Day 6 (March 9), Trip #7, Errand #10: Chair (round 2)

I already wrote all about the chair, but here are some better pictures of the setup:

Yes, it rained again. Having the chair covered really loses the effect of pushing a chair in a stroller. Oh well. I did get one thumbs-up on the CKC. The weight balance ended up fine going up the hill, and a chair is lighter than the twins, so the hill was bad but not that bad.

Category: Store
Transportation Miles: 8.5 (41.1)
Total Miles: 8.5 (54.5)

Day 6 (March 9), Trip #8, Errand #11: Church pickup

I ran a stretch of sidewalk that I don’t usually use to get to the church for another pickup, and I saw this masterpiece:

Category: Personal business
Transportation Miles: 2.7 (43.8)
Total Miles: 2.7 (57.2)

Day 7 (March 10), Trip #9, Errands #12-13: To track workout, commute

Similar to going to the river trail, this time I had intervals on the track. My observation is that no one will care about a picture of a track. Also I was tired.

Then I ran partway to work and jumped on a bus. I won’t describe any more commutes because they don’t count anymore anyways.

Categories: Personal care (also overflowed), work
Transportation Miles: 2.5 (46.3)
Total Miles: 8.6 (65.8)

Day 7 (March 10), Trip #10, Errand #14: Commute

Category: Work
Transportation Miles: 3.7 (50)
Total Miles: 3.7 (69.5)

Day 8 (March 11), Trip #11, Errands #15-17: Fail, Trader Joe’s, commute

When an REI email says “The garage sale is happening”, sometimes they leave out the word “tomorrow”. I picked up a few items at Trader Joe’s to see how they’d like the backpack. The pasta (I picked a robust shape) and pretzel sticks were fine. The Os were starting to pulverize in the bag. I should bring them home someday.

Categories: Wildcard (fail), store (TJ’s), work
Transportation Miles: 7.3 (57.3)
Total Miles: 7.3 (76.8)

Day 8 (March 11), Trip #12, Errand #18: Commute

Transportation Miles: 3.7 (61)
Total Miles: 3.7 (80.5)

Day 9 (March 12), Trip #13, Errand #19: Playground

Everybody likes transporting bikes on bikes, so…

Everyone thinks bikes are for transporting people, but really people are for transporting bikes.

The bike in the bag worked great. The quick bungee job on the other wasn’t so effective, though I only had to hold the handlebar in place to keep it stable. With better attaching this would work.

Category: You carried WHAT?!?
Transportation Miles: 1.3 (62.3)
Total Miles: 1.3 (81.8)

Day 9 (March 12), Trip #14, Errand #20: Strava art, library

Repurposing a longer weekend run again…


Strava link

My first attempt at Strava art went pretty well.  The ‘r’s came out great (yes, the curves were intentional).  The slammed together ‘n’s and final ‘e’s could have been better.  Next time?

The planning:

And a library stop on the way home.  Ok, five books in a hand is unpleasant.

Categories: Arts & entertainment, non-store
Transportation Miles: 10.6 (72.9)
Total Miles: 10.6 (92.4)

Day 10 (March 13): off!
Day 11 (March 14): Trip #15, Errand #21-22: ATM, Commute

Transportation Miles: 6.5 (79.4)
Total Miles: 6.5 (98.9)

Day 12 (March 15): Trip #16, Errand #23-24: To running workout, commute

Transportation Miles: 5.1 (84.5)
Total Miles: 9.6 (108.5)

And that’s it for 2016! I got 2+ of each category except only one declared wildcard and no social calls. A downside of transportation running is that it’s pretty hard to no sweat. Certainly something could have been made to work, but I didn’t try. An equipment post will follow.

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