Off-season training for the Errundonnee

Yesterday we decided the car’s battery needed a drive that was longer than a mile so I took it to work.  Things were busy, and it does end up being the fastest mode (rush hour sometimes proving this wrong).  The original plan was to get the car back home for today, but things worked out so that it wouldn’t be needed.  On top of that, yesterday’s wind storm opened the possibility of a disastrous commute, and I would sure feel stupid to be driving on a day when it wasn’t the fastest mode.  So I decided to leave the car and run home.

The problem was that I needed to get our daughter’s booster seat home.  And keep it dry.  And I had no running gear except that I had fortuitously left lights in my office.  I did have a duffel bag, which I’ve run with as a backpack before, but the seat didn’t fit in it.  In retrospect I wish I had tried to use the shoulder strap to attach the seat to my back.  Instead I simply carried it under an arm, alternating every half mile or so.  The seat pad is removable, and I put it in a plastic bag.  I keep emergency shorts and t-shirts in my office, and normal shorts have huge pockets.  The seat pad went in one, and my phone, keys, and other stuff went in the other.  My everyday shoes are actually ultra-minimal Soft Star running shoes, so I can handle some running in them.

It went surprisingly well.  I used to be picky about running with stuff.  I couldn’t imagine how anyone used those handheld water bottles.  Packs annoyed me.  I run with various packs a lot now in order to bring supplies to the office, and sometime I’ll stuff things in pockets or my hands to avoid the pack (especially if it’s a drop-off or pick-up where I’ll only have the cargo for part of the run).  Now I’ve gotten used to it to the point where running home one-armed didn’t bother me.

Obligatory horrible picture:




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