Using a bike to care for a horse

I keep a horse near Bridle Trails, a short bike ride from our house. Over the years I’ve had phases of driving to the barn, and phases of biking to the barn. These days I’m pretty consistent about biking over, even when I need to move gear around. Horse gear is big, because horses are big, and I’ve often used the cars to move it. Last week I needed to take a clean winter blanket back, so I folded it up and strapped it to the rack of my bike.

It wasn’t always this way. A few years ago when I was just getting back into biking again I had to move a blanket and was grumping around the house before I left about how I’d have to drive to the barn to take the blanket there. Secretly I was looking for an excuse not to bike, but then Mark pointed out that I had recently acquired a bike trailer, so I certainly had a way of transporting the blanket. With no excuses left, I hooked up the trailer, put the blanket in it, and I was on my way. On the way a guy on a road bike zipped past me while I was chugging up a little hill. He then turned and gave me a big grin and a thumbs up before speeding away. I figure he must have been a family biker too, but he couldn’t see in the trailer so he didn’t realize that I wasn’t towing children that day, but a horse blanket.

Now we have a cargo bike, and the blankets have ridden in the bags, but I prefer to use my little bike when I can, because the big bike is, well, big.

I still do use the car for buying feed, because while it might be possible to transport 200 pounds of beet pulp with a bike, I can’t do it with four children!

Plus when the feed store is here:

who wants to bike there?


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