Anatomy of a Farmer’s Market Trip (by Bike, of course)

Saturday was my first trip to the Farmer’s Market this year. Here’s the haul, and how I packed it.

In the basket is a half-flat of strawberries, next to my purse and a baby sweater (because we came down the big hill to get here).

In one bag is two pepper plants. I tucked my sweatshirt in on one end and a random fleece I found in the bag (because it wasn’t summer yet when we left for Europe) on the other side to keep them upright.

Fastening the center buckle on the bag supports the pepper plants better. I was going to buy tomato plants too, but I didn’t think I could get them safely home, they were so tall! So we went by car to the nursery the next day. The peppers, though, were easy.

In the other bag is two bags of fruit and vegetables, plus my diaper bag (the orange stuff sack) (why yes, I use a stuff sack as a diaper bag) and a bag of library books (the tan bag peeking over the top) because the library is not far from the farmer’s market.

Note that the deck is free, so there would be space for kids there if I’d brought them. They’d need to be careful with their legs, though, so they don’t crush the cherries or plants. Or I’d need to pack them out of the way of the legs.

And here’s the whole thing. Including a baby, because there’s always a baby.

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