This week on foot and bike, or how I said we wouldn’t go anywhere ever again

I am so glad to be doing what we need to do on foot and bike this week. I feel like I’ve spent way too much time in the car lately.

Monday we had a million errands in Redmond. Going by foot is the best way to do a million errands, but when that’s too far the bike is the next best thing. I was so pleased with how much we got done and our efficiency in doing so. We got to use the shiny new bike rack at the eye doctor (pic from last week).

But the print shop didn’t have a bike rack.

They did, however, have access out the back to the Central Connector trail. It’s so simple – just an opening in the fence, some paint to keep people from parking cars in front of it, and a short stretch of asphalt provides much improved mobility. We rode every trail in Redmond, and it was such a pleasant trip.

But then that afternoon was a disaster of not napping and I declared that we were never going anywhere ever again and cancelled the rest of the week.

Tuesday we didn’t leave the house and it was wonderful.

Wednesday we were out of groceries, but we live across the street from the grocery store, keeping the grocery shopping from feeling insurmountable. We walked outside and found a garbage truck with a grabber crane emptying the dumpster at the construction site down the street. Fifteen minutes later we continued on to the store.

That afternoon the six-year-old had her class, so we biked over to the church in the rain (it’s been a while since our last rainy ride) and then over to the barn to tend my injured horse.

Thursday morning the four-year-old has his class, so we biked to church again. We locked up the six-year-old’s bike in front of the parish center and rode down to the library. The babies proved to be more able to contain themselves and only pulled down a dozen or so books instead of emptying the shelves, so we actually had a nice time, and the six-year-old got a chance to read all of the Fancy Nancy books that I won’t let her bring home. On the way home we stopped at the big construction site, and then at the Poem Post.

Do you have a Poem Post in your neighborhood? It’s the best!

This afternoon, after naps (so as not to mess with them), we are driving to Target. I’m not sure I can think of a place I’d like to go less, but we have some work to do. Tomorrow I will work a Bike to Work Day station, and we’ll go to the Redmond Bike Bash in the afternoon, after naps. It’s not so bad to not go anywhere, when there’s so much so close.


One thought on “This week on foot and bike, or how I said we wouldn’t go anywhere ever again

  1. Were you at Staples this week? Maybe Monday? I had grabbed a lunch at QFC really quick before catching the bus and saw somebody’s outfit similar to yours. 🙂 I am totally fascinated with your biking around with the little ones. When mine were little like that we lived in Phoenix. I don’t think I would have ever considered doing what you do in that heat. But I’ve informed my hubby that when we have grandkids I’m going to be biking them around every chance I get. Maybe we’ll meet at Bike Bash or at least I”ll see your sweet ride. 🙂


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