Taking a Kid-sized Bike on a Metro Bus (also a grown-up bike with fenders)

In short: a 20″ bike works just fine on a King County Metro bus.

When I was out with my daughter last weekend, we let the bus carry us and our bikes back up the hill to our house. I’d heard that a 20″ kids bike would fit on a metro rack just fine, but you never really know until you do it yourself, right?

We got on the 245 at the beginning of its route in downtown Kirkland. I know that the bus waits there for a while before starting the route, so we’d have plenty of time to get the bikes loaded.

Easy-peasy. I don’t know why I even doubted it!

On a bike with fenders, the clamp grabs the fender, and not the wheel, but that’s enough to hold it securely.


2 thoughts on “Taking a Kid-sized Bike on a Metro Bus (also a grown-up bike with fenders)

  1. I don’t trust the support arm with my fenders. I’m paranoid it will damage them or something so I position it just in front of the fender. That has always worked just fine for me but one time I had a driver who refused to let me do that so I had to take it off and try the next B-Line. While putting my bike on the next bus I noticed the graphic that illustrates the acceptable angle for the arm and my bike was just fine. I emailed Metro as soon as I could to let them know. I hope they educated that driver so that he didn’t cause someone else to be late.


    • I worry about that too. So far I just haven’t combined bike+bus but I’ll probably just have to give in. Strangely, the Metro site says, “The support arm needs to be as close as possible to the bicycle’s frame” but their video shows the graphic that is more lenient. I think my fender goes past what the graphic shows anyway, so putting it all the way up will probably minimize the stress. Hopefully it won’t break anything.


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