Cross Kirkland Corridor: the Google detour

While the Cross Kirkland Corridor opened to great fanfare at the end of January, it is not truly open. Google is building a new building next to the trail, and has been permitted to close the trail from November through at least June. I had not been down there, because the reports I’d heard said that the detour was not very bike friendly, and certainly not cargo bike friendly. Last weekend, my daughter (almost 7) and I rode part of the CKC, including the detour, so I got to see it firsthand.

We rode from the south, and first we saw the newly paved portion, which is nice, but there are construction barriers placed on the trail, reducing its width by about half.

Next there’s a fence, where you can see where the trail will eventually be.

The trail is detoured onto a sidewalk. We lucked out and didn’t meet anybody on this stretch, but it’s certainly not wide enough for a busy trail with bikes and strollers.

And then you get to go down a curb.

Once on the service roads, turn back to go behind the building. There were no signs here. I only knew because I’d looked at a map (pdf).

The service road is, well, serviceable.

And then there are more steps: one up and three down.

I’ve been in discussion with City staff. Hopefully we will see improvements to the detour to make the trail useable. I also hope that they will not allow the trail to stay closed longer than already scheduled.


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