Returning to explore

When I got up this morning, I wasn’t planning a big bike adventure. I was planning to walk to our neighborhood park this morning after we were done with school. But then it became clear that a grocery store trip was in order, and I’d been wanting to go back to check out Carillon Woods Park, and if not today, than when? So off we went, to a new park and PCC.

It’s a nice park, with a nice playground, a climbing rock, and wooded area for exploring. I even found a staple-like sign to lock up the bike.


It’s a block off of 108th Ave, an arterial. But I’d seen a neighborhood street that ran parallel to 108th, so took that and found a big hill. I’m not sure what I will do next time – I don’t really want to ride 108th, but even assisted I don’t want to ride extra hills, either.

After our explorations, we were off to the grocery store. I was pleased to find the parking space next to the bike rack open, so… I took it, too. I felt a little bad using two parking spaces for one bike, but the only cargo bike-usable bike parking spot is really too close to the space for a car to be there also.


We loaded up, and went back home for lunch and naps.


I did make the 4yo walk up the corkscrew at 60th. This load is too big and this hill too steep even with a stokemonkey.


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