Michelle’s errandonnee wrap-up

My errandonnee is a snapshot of how we use our bike for our daily life. I’d hoped to do something epic, but it turned out there was nothing epic that needed to be done this week – aside from the usual carting-four-kids-on-a-bike epic. I didn’t plan anything special just for the errandonnee, because we had enough to do already.

Here are the posts:





And here are the categories:

Personal care: #1 horse, #12 horse

Personal business: #4 passport failure, #10 passport success

You carried what?: #13 bike and kid, #8 three kids

Arts and entertainment: #6 park, #11 construction site

Non-store: none

Social call: #2 park, #3 twin club meeting

Work: #7 babywearing meeting, #9 taking a kid to class

Store: #5 bike shop

Wild card: none

Total mileage: I lost track, but it was something over 50 miles. At first I was a little worried, because most of our distances are pretty short, so 3 miles to Redmond and 3 miles home with three errands is behind the pace needed. Or the 2 mile round trip to church. But I ended up with several rides to single errands, and all that added up to a lot of miles. I was tired this week. That’s more miles than we typically do.

Interesting things about this week: there was very little shopping! That’s how I like it. The groceries were all bought on foot, and there was nothing much else that needed to be bought (just a bike). Also, most weeks we have a library stop, but Mark took care of that.

The car hardly moved this week. I used it on Tuesday to return the tandem rack we used to bring our big bike home from the shop, and it took our daughter to church for choir practice on Sunday in the pouring rain. She was sad not to get to ride her new bike.

The bikes:

The little bike: a trek mountain bike, circa 1996. This was my sister’s first (and only) grown-up bike that I claimed when I graduated from college and moved back to our hometown, and she left for college. I outfitted it for city riding a few years ago (fenders, slicker tires, kickstand), and used it to tow the child trailer. Now it mostly stays on top of our hill – if I’m going down the hill, I take the electric cargo bike to get back up it.

The big bike: an Xtracycle Edgerunner with Stokemonkey electric assist. It also has a custom frame-mounted front rack, and a custom, integrated trailer hitch. The headlight and taillights on both bike and trailer are powered by a dynamo hub, and it has chain guards on both chains. Yepp seats on front and back. Custom painted a deep sparkly purple. AKA the awesomest bike in town.

Next week we will continue to do what we do. Thanks, Mary, for the excuse to document it!

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