Michelle’s errandonnee #12-13

My last errand was the most exciting, but first, another trip to the barn.

Errand #12: going for a ride (on my horse)

Possible category: personal care

Distance: 2 miles (cumulative: enough)

Kids toted: 0

Observations: I don’t usually ride on Saturday morning, but when I do, I find it interesting that I see some of my same regulars as during the week. Also, I forgot to take a picture, but it would have looked just like the first errand.

Errand #13: New bike day!

Possible categories: store, “you carried what?”

Distance: 7.5 miles (cumulative: enough)

Kids toted: 1, and zero for part of it

Observations: I took our 6yo down to the bike shop to pick up her new bike, complete with hand brakes and gears! We are hoping the gears will expand her range, and so far so good. She rode it on the flat trails around Redmond, then I towed her bike up the steepest and most car-heavy parts of the trip. When we got closer to home where the rest of the trip was on neighborhood streets, she got back on her bike and rode it the rest of the way home, including up a pretty steep hill by the middle school. I am so proud 🙂

We got these last two errands in just in time, as the stomach flu ended our errandonnee, yuck.

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