Mark’s #errundonnee Day 12

[Day 10 errand-less run, Day 11 off]

For the final day of the 2015 Errandonnee, I decided that one trip to the library wasn’t enough so I did it again.  There were fewer books to return this time:

The return load, which is more important since it goes up the hill, was about the same.  This was a much easier run, however, and taking the pile of books home with relatively fresh legs was much better:

In between, however, I went across the street to The French Bakery for a chocolate croissant then I ran down to Marina Park (with pictures of some bike racks for the twitter feed).  It was a beautiful day:

and the croissant handled the jog down the street just fine:

And that closes my Erunndonnee.  Now I just need to put a control card together.

One thought on “Mark’s #errundonnee Day 12

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