Michelle’s errandonnee #7-11

It’s been a busy week of errandonneeing. I’m looking forward to a quiet day tomorrow.

Errand #7: babywearing meeting

Possible categories: work/volunteer, social call

Distance: 14 miles (cumulative 35.5 miles)

Kids toted: 4

Observations: Yesterday was a rainy day, so I put the babies in the trailer, and the kids on the deck in their rain gear. But it was a typical Seattle-rainy-day, which means we didn’t actually get wet. This event was in the Crossroads area of Bellevue, which means that I took Mark’s route to the mall. The temporary path through the construction at 40th St was passable by family bike (much improved from the day before, thank you Redmond and WSDOT!), but it was slow negotiating it. This was also the first time I utilized the stroller wheel on the trailer. It’s convenient, as long as there is enough space to maneuver it…

Rainy day uniform: REI rain shell from my backpacking days, icebreaker wool skirt (a splurge last fall), b. ella fleece leggings, smartwool socks, Merrell leather clogs (next year I’ll get boots, but these have been mostly fine)

Errand #8: taking the 6yo to her catechism class

Possible category: work

Distance: 2 miles (cumulative 37.5 miles)

Kids toted: 3

Observations: She was really excited to ride her own bike. It seems like the more we ride as a family, the more she wants to ride on her own. Note: pic from the return trip, which I walked with the double stroller, and both kids biked.

Errand #9: taking the 4yo to his catechism class

Possible category: work

Distance: 2 miles (cumulative 39.5 miles)

Kids toted: 1, and then 0

Observations: why doesn’t everybody do this? Carting one kid around on an electric cargo bike is easy.

Errand #10: applying for passports (successfully this time!)

Possible category: personal business

Distance: 8 miles (cumulative 41.5 miles)

Kids toted: 3

Observations: the babies have way more fun in the seats on the bike than they do in the trailer. We spent the whole stretch of the 520 trail exclaiming over the trucks on the highway. And then I got a second chance to take a picture of the bike rack at the courthouse.

Errand #11: picking up the 4yo, and checking out the neighborhood construction site

Possible categories: work, arts/entertainment

Distance: 2 miles (cumulative: enough)

Kids toted: 2, then 3

Observations: I claimed cyclists privilege in picking up my son at the door rather than riding around to the back where those in cars pick up. We stopped by the neighborhood construction site to see the progress they’ve made (didn’t go there much while the bike was in the shop). I love stopping to look at stuff on a bike – the kids can see so much easier than they can in a car, but we can get farther than if we walk.


2 thoughts on “Michelle’s errandonnee #7-11

  1. Hi Michelle, saw your name on the errandonneeing blogroll. Love your set up for toting all your kiddos around and happy to see another cyclist in normal clothes in the area. 🙂 Seems like all I run into are the spandex wearing ones. I’m over in Redmond, hope we run into each other someday. Happy riding. ~Keli


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