Mark’s #errundonnee Day 6

Day 6 was a morning trip.  I ran down to Redmond to meet Michelle and the kids to apply for their passports.  As she documented, we forgot the checkbook so we’ll get to do it again.  I found it interesting that I arrived before them, but I’m not sure how useful that observation is.  I helped some with getting the kids onto the bike but left before them, assuming that they would get there first.  At 3 miles, perhaps it doesn’t leave enough time for the bike to catch up.  Also, Michelle is much more cautious than most when descending (precious cargo!).  Regardless, I got a chance to sit outside and enjoy the morning.  (personal care?)

We were timing the trip so that I could hit a meeting time exactly, so I was left with an awkward amount of time.  The meeting was a few blocks away from my office, so if I went there I would just have enough time to turn around.  I decided to stop at the Redmond Super Jock ‘n Jill to see what new stuff they had and to ask about GPS watches.  My observation from this trip is that I would not have made this stop if I had a car parked by the courthouse.

Next I ran up the 520 hill to work.  A few surges revealed that the legs weren’t fully there yet, but that I would probably be good for a quality workout the next day.

(Indeed, I ran a successful workout on Day 7, which I biked to and from, so not much to report for Errundonnee purposes.)


One thought on “Mark’s #errundonnee Day 6

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