Michelle’s errandonnee #2-6

Hooray! The bike is back! And we’ve managed to fit in a whole lot of life-on-a-bike in the last two days.

Errand #2: meeting friends at the park

Possible categories: personal (family?) care, social call, arts & entertainment (hey, a park is entertainment!)

Distance: 3.5 miles, cumulative 5.5 miles

Kids toted: 4

Observations: The babies have really expanded their language skills since the last time they were on the bike. It’s really fun to have two more voices adding to the “wheeee!” when we go down the hill.

Errand #3: a meeting of my twin club

Possible categories: personal care, social call

Distance: 6 miles, cumulative 11.5 miles

Kids toted: none

Observations: I took the Cross Kirkland Corridor on the way there, and it was nice to see so many people out on this lovely evening. I haven’t yet found a bike rack at the church where we meet, so I rolled the bike inside the basement where the meeting rooms are. Coming home, it was dark, so I stayed on the streets. Crossing 85th St, I used the crosswalk button, and the 30-second countdown gave me plenty of time to get across. If I wait in the lane for the light to trigger, I can’t get through the intersection before the light is red.

Errand #4: failing to apply for passports

Possible categories: personal business

Observations: The kids and I met Mark in Redmond to apply for passports for our upcoming trip to Holland. But I forgot the checkbook, so we’ll get to do this errand again! There was a bike rack right next to the door of the courthouse (good job, Redmond!), but it was up against the wall like the racks at the library. I used the whole rack to get close enough sideways.

Errand #5: stopping by the bike shop to have the front brake adjusted

Possible categories: store, personal business (since we didn’t buy anything)

Observations: it’s hard to get this rig through a door of an old building. We got the trailer stuck and had to unhook it.

Errand #6: another park stop

Possible categories: personal care, arts & entertainment

Distance (for errands 4-6): 9 miles, cumulative 20.5

Kids toted (for errands 4-6): 4

Observations: I noted on the way down the hill that they were repaving the parking lot at Grass Lawn Park, and how it would be a perfect day to go there by bike, too bad we were too busy. We had some extra time with the failure of Errand #4, so we stopped to play on the way home.

Halfway there, errand-wise. 2/3 there, mileage wise! I am so glad to be back on my bike!


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