Mark’s #errundonnee Day 5

(no running on day 4)

Today was a short run home from work – barely above the shortest possible trip at 4 miles.  My legs were still pretty tired from Saturday (or more likely the entire week), or perhaps more so from an overall feeling of blah after sitting in some training all day.

I did stop at the NE 40th St. and WA 520 bike path intersection again.  I had stopped here on my bike on day 1.  Some combination of Washington, Redmond, and Microsoft is paying for some kind of improvement here – a topic for another time – but the temporary path is pretty poor.  We’re not convinced the Edgerunner and trailer will be able to navigate it.  Even better is that if you give up and go a block down the street, there is no crosswalk for the direct crossing so instead you’d have to do 3 crossings if you wanted printed crosswalks.  And even if crossing the direct way is legal (I don’t recall if there is a sign forbidding it or if it is an WA state implied crosswalk), the street is already unsafe enough in the designated areas.  Anyways, I tried tweeting WA and Redmond, and WA pointed at Redmond, which I then figured out doesn’t monitor its account.  I left a phone message and never heard back, but today the temporary crossing had been rerouted through the dirt:

It might be wider; I’m not sure.  It certainly still looks iffy, and the dirt ramp back up to the street no longer supports the entire temporary path.  Unfortunately, the base of the pictured pole sticks out into the temporary path.  If you look carefully you’ll see that the width there is pretty close to one running belt, which I’m sure was the unit of measure used to create it!  The trailer is less than one running belt wide, but probably only by 6-8 inches, so it will be tricky.

For what it’s worth, road cyclists are having all kinds of trouble with the path too.

After I finished my run, my Garmin crashed.  Again.  That’s also another post, but non-Garmin GPS watch recommendations are welcome.  I don’t care about advanced GPS features like the Garmin virtual racer.  I do care about the watch working, the band not falling apart, GPS accuracy, and ANT+ (or perhaps Bluetooth) because an optical heart rate sensor is probably in my future (I’ve never gotten any band to consistently work).

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