Mark’s #errundonnee Day 3

Saturday morning is often my chance for a longer run, and that held true today.  Conveniently (or not, depending on how one looks at these things), we were also due for a library stop.  So I hatched the plan of a run to the library with a drop-off, some miles unencumbered by books, another stop at the library for a pick-up, and a last segment back home.

First sight on the way:

This has actually been a recent topic of conversation here.  It turns out that without an explicit “no parking” sign, there is no Washington state or city of Kirkland law prohibiting parking in a bike lane.  I’ve been told that Washington Bikes has been looking into the effects of a new state law declaring bike lanes as actual lanes.  One good effect is that it should automatically take care of this case.

Other than that, it’s an easy downhill run to the library (hmm, where is this going) for the drop-off:

I headed north from downtown Kirkland because it’s further away from home.  Also, I generally avoid downtown Kirkland, so this let me get to Juanita more directly than usual, which meant an easier opportunity for some running Strava segments up there (which is completely Michelle’s fault for suggesting it a few months ago, though it has been a mixed experience).  However, this gives me an excuse to claim “personal care”.  Yeah, that’s it.

Unfortunately, Juanita Village always makes me a bit sad.  It’s one of these (sub)urban villages.  Or perhaps a “European Village setting“?  It doesn’t have a grocery store.  So it’s great that it has several shops close together, including a bunch of restaurants, but it doesn’t have the most important thing.  I guess the Walgreen’s carries some food, and who doesn’t like crossing five lanes to a convenience store:

even with the off-photo mid-block crossing.  Of course people are always complaining about parking there, but it’s not a surprise when the businesses aren’t covering the local needs and everyone needs to drive to/from there.  But hey, it has two banks.  Anyways, after a solid effort partway up Juanita Drive, which would be a nice climb if it weren’t a terrible road, it was time to go back to the library, where this awaited me:

17 books, 16 pounds, 2 miles, and 400 feet of elevation gain.  About halfway back, I saw two long-abandoned campaign signs in a ditch.  Since (1) they’re now garbage needing to be cleared, (2) I might soon need materials for bike fenders, and (3) why the heck not since I already had 17 books on my back, I brought them home too:

WP_20150307_001 - cropped

Off-day tomorrow (probably some walking and biking) and back at it on Monday.

2 thoughts on “Mark’s #errundonnee Day 3

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