Perceived Distance (or Time)

I completely forgot to write about what was probably the most interesting part of my little shopping trip earlier today.  The reason that I even made the stop, besides the obvious errand grab, was that I could “take advantage of already being near the Safeway”.  This store is barely more than a half mile from my office!  Sure, it was an opportunity to save some time, but it felt like this great “don’t miss it” opportunity.  Why was that?

In thinking about it, I’m convinced that it’s because the route is boring.  City designs for pedestrians include getting interesting storefronts right up to the sidewalk rather than suburban setbacks that lead the sidewalks past parking lots.

Here’s the route:

And here’s what you see:

Well, even those construction cones are gone now, and the right side development hasn’t added much.

And when you get to the sidewalk on the left side in the distance, you find that it overlooks a… highway.

I would have estimated this trip at around a mile, maybe a bit more.  I’m actually pretty good about these estimates from running around, and I would have missed this by a factor of two.  And that’s why I haven’t found myself just walking down there.


One thought on “Perceived Distance (or Time)

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