Mark’s #errundonnee Day 2

Today started with an easy run commute into work.  I didn’t have a lot of time, so I couldn’t add much distance, which doesn’t leave all that many options.  I basically reversed the route that I used to get home last night except that I ran on the trail along the edge of Bridle Trails Park rather than on the paved path next to the road.  So this is another 5 miles.

Things learned:

  • I don’t actually run all that much in the park because I don’t usually want to deal with the equestrian traffic (especially if I’m doing something faster).  However, it sure is nicer than running down a road:
  • Similarly, I don’t run that much through the Cherry Crest neighborhood, but I’ve been using this southern route to/from work more often and it’s nice to cut out more of the busier road.  Yesterday I remarked that the southern entrance (130th Ave) seems to be done well enough to calm the traffic.  I don’t think I can say the same about the eastern entrance (36th St).  It’s much wider, which you can kind of see here:

    There’s also the telltale sign of paint being the only calming “infrastructure”.

Part of the reason I didn’t have much time was that my group was going out for lunch.  Through some convoluted reasoning, it made sense to run to work, shower, and then ride with them for the less than a mile to the restaurant – the main reason being that my bike was parked at the office waiting for tonight’s commute.  However, then I realized I could take advantage of already being near the Safeway to pick up a few things.  It would have made more sense to just walk back, but I backed myself into a corner with #errundonnee, so I jogged back up the hill.  I was totally dressed for running:

(Actually, in fairness, those shoes are the Dash RunAmoc from Soft Star Shoes, who make great kids’ shoes too.  I’ve run almost 300 miles in them, but I’ve never quite felt comfortable at speed in them.  I love them as casual shoes though – a solid brown pair without the perforations to be a little more formal – the Moc3 for a sock-like feel.)

So now I’ve got a store errand and a “you carried WHAT while running?!” with a bag of groceries (Cheerios, chips, bread, and peanut butter).  Hopefully I’ll find two better ones before this is done.

Tonight I will bike commute home, and I will hope to not learn anything.


3 thoughts on “Mark’s #errundonnee Day 2

  1. I wondered if those were Soft Stars! I’ve been eyeing them for a while, but I have a narrow foot so was concerned the unisex sizing would be too wide.


    • They do offer a narrow width. Have you seen their sizing tips? (Pick a shoe and then choose that tab at the bottom.) They are also helpful by phone or email. Even better is to stop by the workshop if you find yourself in the area!

      I should probably disclose that I won the pictured pair in a race, but let’s just say they weren’t our first pair.


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