#errundonnee Day 1

The Errandonnee is a challenge from Chasing Mailboxes.  The premise is pretty simple: 12 errands by bike in 12 days.  There are a few things to make it a bit harder and more interesting: cover at least 30 miles and distribute the errands across a list of categories.  You can see the categories and other rules through the link above.

The term errandonnee was created and is a combination of errands and randonnée, the latter being defined as “a long ramble in the countryside, by foot or bicycle”.  Now while I use my bike a fair bit, one could probably gather (from here and here) that riding my bike for the purpose a riding my bike challenge isn’t something I would do.  Conveniently, that definition includes “by foot”, so now I’m ready to go.

Other than switching out biking for running, I’ll follow the same rules.  I do enough running that the distance requirement shouldn’t be a problem.  The categories perhaps will be.  I’ll certainly carry some things that runners don’t typically carry, and going to the store is easy, but the ones where I wouldn’t want to be sweaty are going to be more difficult.  Two trips in one day is also more demanding.  We shall see.  I’m already wondering if a weekend long run that doesn’t have an actual destination counts as “personal care”.

Each trip is to be documented with a picture and something learned or observed.  So here we go with day 1:

Today was a simple commute home from work.  My shortest route is 3.5 miles; this one was about 5 (details).  Things I learned or relearned:

  • Yesterday was my first high volume speed day in a while.  Oof.
  • Light-wise, we are just about out of winter, at least for the timing of my commute home.
  • While the 520 trail is a useful resource, it isn’t really all that pleasant.  It’s loud:
  • On the other hand, running through Cherry Crest is rather pleasant.  And 130th entering there is far nicer than 130th entering our neighborhood.  I think it starts with the all-way stop at the entrance, so vehicles don’t start at full speed.  It seems narrower too:

    Between the median, the raised crosswalk, and some curves, it never has a long enough straightaway that looks like it “should be” fast.

While I’m not planning on finishing the bike version, I did commute by bike this morning.  More importantly, I investigated the temporary path at 40th and 520 and I think it will be tough for Michelle to get the bike and trailer through there.  So that’s some personal business or a non-store errand or something, which would be harder to get than a commute.  This would have been 3.5 miles; I don’t add extra distance or record bike trips anywhere.  And the obligatory photo:

2 thoughts on “#errundonnee Day 1

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