weather, illness, bus

Last week was a good week not to have a bike. Last week it rained, really rained. Most of the time in the winter here it’s not too hard to go outside because even if it’s raining you don’t get all that wet. But last week it was really raining, and I was thinking that I was so glad not to have to go out in it. I considered taking the kids somewhere by car, but then realized that I didn’t want to go out in the rain in the car either! Not only did I not want to drive in it, but once we got to where we were going, we’d still have to walk in it from the parking lot. At least with the bike we are dressed for the weather wherever we go. So we mostly holed up at home and watched the rain and played with finger paint and the lentil bin. Hooray for homeschooling!

For the most part, the farthest we got was the construction site down the street.


This week we’ve had the stomach flu. Also a good time not to have a bike, since we weren’t going anywhere anyway. Wednesday evening I was grumbling to myself as I was walking back from the store carrying a baby and pulling a grocery cart, exhausted after having been up all night with sick kids and cleaning up all day and not feeling so well myself (turns out I was just hungry), but then I realized that even a car was not a magic device that would make my life easier at that moment. I was thankful that we were so close to the store, making that errand much faster and simpler than it could have been.

Yesterday, everybody feeling much better, I had some errands to do in downtown Kirkland, and was able to do them all alone. I’d normally take the big bike, since there’s enough of a hill that it’s nice to have a motor coming home, even if the only cargo is myself. But we also have a bus that’s about as convenient as a bus can be, so I found my ORCA card and went. I haven’t yet figured out the logistics for four kids on the bus, so I’ve hardly ridden the bus recently. The bus was a great mode for this trip. If I’d driven, I would have parked in the library garage, which is right next to the bus stop I used. I might have walked to City Hall anyway, but I would have been tempted to drive because City Hall is just far enough to want to. If I had driven between them, I would have grumbled about the driving instead of walking.

Instead, I had a nice walk, and found a new-to-me bakery and a marionberry croissant. I sat on a bench outside in the almost-sun, picked up our library books, admired the Pump-to-Gram at the bus stop, and then rode home.



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