Yepp Mini vs. Yepp Maxi (and a hack to make the Maxi fit a baby)

So you have a baby or a toddler and you’d like to get a bike seat for your child. I’m sure you’ve found reviews of the Yepp Mini and the Yepp Maxi, but you’re still not sure if you want a seat in the front or a seat in the back. Of course you need to try riding with a front seat and a rear seat on  your bike, but the other thing you need is a parent of twins, who has used both seats at the same time for the same children to tell you what is what.


Yepp Maxi (yes, he wears a helmet, if we are doing more than a photo shoot)


Yepp Mini (and yes, I know the helmet has slipped)


That would be me, and here is the answer.

If I go out with only one baby, I put him in the Mini.

I prefer to have my baby where I can see him, and I ride with my seat low enough that the baby seat does not interfere with my knees. Especially when they were smaller, I found that the Yepp Mini fit better, and the location in front on the stem was less bouncy than on the back of the deck. I slow down a lot for bumps that I see, but there were plenty of instances where the baby in front was fine, but the baby in back would start crying after a bump. My main worry with biking with a little baby was the bumps, especially since we are required to wear helmets here. I also think that steering the EdgeRunner is easier with a baby in the front. When I ride without a baby up there, the steering feels a little squirrelly.

Now that they are toddlers, they point and exclaim when they see things (particularly diggers and trucks), which is too fun. Our limit with the Yepp Mini will likely be when I can no longer see over them, and I will be so sad when that day comes!

The biggest issue we found with the Yepp Maxi and a little baby (they were small but strong 10-month-olds when we started biking) was that the straps were too long to hold him securely.

straps are way too long!

straps are way too long!

Fortunately, there is an easy fix for that. We loop the straps together behind the seat. Bonus: when the straps are not looped, they are the right length for our four-year-old.


straps the normal way


straps looped together, to fit the baby


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