A new safe route in Kirkland

We have friends who live near Peter Kirk Elementary. We live near the Red Apple Market. Riding to visit them is one of my favorite rides – not only is the destination great (wonderful company!) but the ride itself is really nice. It’s almost all neighborhood streets, and as of this weekend, it just got better.

Before, there was a short stretch on busy Kirkland Way, and then the crossing of 85th St. Crossing 85th St is miserable. 85th St is a miserable place to be for all modes of travel. The lights are long, and when you finally get your green light, the street is so wide that the light is not long enough to safely cross. Ugh.

But! Now the Cross Kirkland Corridor is open! Which brings me to my favorite part of this post: I have grade-separated crossings of Kirkland Way and 85th Street! It’s wonderful!


That’s us, up there, under the 85th St bridge.


Bridge over Kirkland Way

The trail is an old railroad corridor, which means it’s nearly flat, which means it takes out a hill (dropping down 7th Ave and climbing up 6th St) on our route as well. It’s a small hill, but a hill nonetheless.

Thank you Kirkland!


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