two outings

We didn’t get out much last week. Our prime outing time is the window between school and lunch/naps. With the long, warm fall we had this year (Augtober!), we were able to picnic, and bike home after lunch, with sleeping babies in the trailer. Recently it’s just been too cold for that. Our last trip to Redmond, I packed snacks in the hope of tiding everybody over until we got home, but it was still pretty chilly eating them outside.


We had our snacks at one of the gardens along the Sammamish River Trail. There were plenty of paths to explore, with sticks as always.


Twin toddlers means lots of running to keep them away from the trail.


Let me tell you, we were not the picture of happy family biking when we packed up to go to our next destination. I had a baby screaming in the rear seat. He then fell asleep on my back at the grocery store. This outing was too much for him (all of us, really). After giving it lots of thought, I’ve concluded that it’s not a biking-as-transportation problem, but a homeschooling-with-toddlers problem. If we were to go out in the car instead, I’d have sleeping babies on the way out, and no naps when we got home. On the bike, they’ll stay awake, because the bike is interesting.

Yesterday we had unseasonably warm weather (Juneuary!), so I took the opportunity to picnic again! We rode into Kirkland to the library, where we found a ton of bike parking, none of it usable by a family bike.

nice try. At least the planters are pretty?

nice try. At least the planters are pretty?

Then we went to the playground, where we played for a while in the sun and ate our picnic before biking home. We didn’t get home much earlier than the previous outing, but we were all much happier (despite the near dumping of the bike and the flat tire a half mile from home).


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