It’s good to have options.  Whether something goes wrong or mood strikes, they sure make things easier.  A couple recent stories:

  1.  I hurt my back (luckily it seems to be fine now).  Driving and biking were out of the question because I wasn’t comfortable turning as would be needed to be safe.  Running needed more core stability that I was able to manage.  But a short walk and a bus ride worked out perfectly.
    [An aside: I never understand the claims that we need a massive road system for cars for the people who have to drive because they are physically unable to travel any other way.  First, what percentage of drivers are we really talking about?  It seems that these users would be a pretty small percentage.  Second, if someone is physically incapable of walking, biking, or bus-riding, then how would he/she operate a car safely?  With some injuries, I’ve felt least comfortable trying to drive safely.  Please note that I’m not trying to say that there are zero people in this category – just that the “necessary” driving infrastructure seems awfully overstated.]
  2. The 245 to Kirkland has a lot of trouble hitting its schedule during the PM commute.  It runs on approximately 15 minute headways.  I recently had a day where my bike was at the office but I was planning on riding the bus home.  However, as I was getting ready to leave, the next buses were 2 and 32 minutes out.  Two minutes isn’t enough to get to the stop (distance-wise I might be able to do it but invariably in situation I’m waiting on the street corner to cross when the bus goes by).  So instead I got my bike and was probably home before I even would have boarded the next bus.
  3. Today I was planning on riding the bike home, but I just couldn’t bring myself to go and ride on the roads to get home.  Instead, I tossed my running clothes back on and took an easy jog home.  The bus was another option, but I think I was looking for an excuse for a few running miles.

It’s good to have options.


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