A Date by Bike

With all of these little kids, it shouldn’t be too surprising that Mark and I don’t get much time by ourselves. But all of the grandparents came for Christmas, bringing down the child:adult ratio enough that we could get away for a few hours. We planned to bike into Kirkland to see a movie, but when it came time to get ready to go, it was pouring down rain outside. So the conversation went something like this:

“It’s raining. Should we drive?”

“No, we should take the bike. You always regret driving.”

“I don’t regret driving when it’s pouring!”

But even as I said that, I was getting ready for biking, and indeed, the rain had mostly stopped by the time we left. Pro tip for outdoor activities in the Northwest: get ready to ride while it’s raining, and most of the time the rain will have stopped by the time you leave.

We switched on the Christmas lights on the hooptie, and off we went. We saw Into the Woods (highly recommended; Sondheim is brilliant), ate dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant in the same shopping center, and ran a couple of errands – buying fish for Sunday dinner, and returning a couple of library books. We biked right up to the book drop at the library, and never even got off the bike, which seemed to amuse a mother waiting there with her small children. Then home in time to put four kids to bed.


a summer date by bike, with gelato


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