Christmas shopping (and exploring) in Redmond

The week before Christmas, as part of our car-free week, we spent a morning in Redmond. The bike needed some work done, so I dropped it off and we set off on foot.

There’s a stand of trees in downtown Redmond, near Redmond Town Center, that I’ve been eyeing for years, but never stopped to check it out.


Heron Rookery from the Connector trail

Somehow, even on a bike it was too hard to stop. On maps it was colored like a park, and recently I’d seen it labeled on a map as the “Heron Rookery.” This day we were walking past it, so the exploring was easy.


We found the path that I’d seen while biking past, and ventured in. It’s not very big, so it’s not very far. We found a large clearing (a former pond perhaps?), completely deserted and hidden, and covered with leaves. The kids found some sticks (as they always do) and ran around.


Then it started to sprinkle, so we continued on to our first destination, Top Pot doughnuts (essential fuel for Christmas shopping). We stopped in at the new running store in Redmond, Super Jock and Jill, and then walked the Redmond Central Connector down to REI. The Connector is a great place to walk with kids. There are plenty of side trails to run on and explore, and bench-looking structures to jump on.


Too often we are in a hurry on the bike, but this day we were moving at kid pace.


Then we went back to pick up the bike. And on the way we saw a Bullitt! In Redmond! He went the other way, and I wasn’t fast enough with the camera to get evidence. But I did get evidence of the traffic that we were not stuck in.

Christmas shopping traffic in Redmond

Christmas shopping traffic in Redmond

It was naptime, so the babies went in the trailer. I think this was the first time they didn’t cry about it!


happy babies


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