Happy New Year CKC!

I went for a run on the CKC (Cross Kirkland Corridor) to bring in the new year.  The interim construction is coming along nicely but not done yet.  It looks like a lot of the edging remains to prevent those edges from crumbling off to the side (from usage or even just rain).  So continue to be careful on it.

I started at the 120th Ave Crossing (just north of 116th St).  It looked like the crossing itself was still in progress.  That particular crossing isn’t so useful yet anyway since the trail is unimproved north/east of there and there isn’t complete sidewalk access from 116th St either.  The crossing at 112th looks finished, though I think it still had those signs strangely telling pedestrians to yield to cars.  I didn’t try the crossing lights button because I almost never use them (a topic for another post I suppose).

Unfortunately I forget a few of the details, but I think the 110th Ave crossing is a simple crosswalk across a fairly quiet street.  I believe the 7th Ave crossing is in good shape.

The 6th St crossing has finally had the yield signs removed, so I assume that it is done and that the crossing lights work.

The interim trail at Google was signed to change on 1/1 and the new route appears to be ready.  On the north side of the Google campus, it goes across the parking lot on sidewalks and steps (I guess a cyclist would just go in the car areas?).  It the goes along the 6th St sidewalk and then down a gravel trail on the south border of the Google campus.  I had no trouble finding it southbound even though some of the turns weren’t marked (unlike the old detour, which I never actually found).

Unfortunately the Google interim trail isn’t of much use yet because the bridge over 68th St is still closed.  There is a decent gravel trail down to the Lakeview Elementary School parking lot.  However, there was still a sign at the entrance saying that the CKC was temporarily under construction.  I hadn’t seen one in my direction until the bridge (fully fenced off) and this one, so either there are southbound signs missing or this one hadn’t been taken done yet.

Anyways, the current trail is in great shape for running or walking, ok for biking, and apparently popular with dog owners.  Given the width of the trail, I’m a bit worried that this will cause a problem for running and biking at busy times of day.


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