Car-free week!

The week before Christmas I had an appointment on Monday evening in a bike-unfriendly part of town. I went out to the garage to get in our family-hauler truck only to discover a dead battery. Fortunately, we had not yet sold our other car (anybody want a Honda Accord? Low miles!), so I had a backup means of transportation. I’m not sure what I would have done otherwise – bike anyway? Reschedule the appointment?

When I got back, Mark and I looked at the schedule for the week to figure out what to do about it. Now, many weeks we don’t drive, but we always have the truck as backup. This particular week I had no plans to go anywhere by car, and wasn’t really interested in jump-starting the truck only to take a special car-trip to charge the battery. So we arranged to borrow a car battery charger over the weekend, and went on with our week.

How did we do?

Tuesday: I walked to the grocery store (by myself!)

Wednesday: We took our usual two bike trips to the church for catechism, then I took the boys Christmas shopping in Redmond.

Thursday: We did more errands in Redmond (I felt like I was constantly in Redmond in the days before Christmas).

Friday: We visited friends in Kirkland.

Saturday: I don’t want to talk about it. I went out with only the oldest (to Redmond, of course) and we took the car (doable with only one child, but not all four) because of rain and laziness and I regretted it.

Sunday: We biked to church and then (battery charged!) drove to Seattle in the afternoon.

Our carless week went as normal. We wouldn’t even have noticed the beached whale in the garage except that it was under the attic access where the Christmas supplies were stored so we couldn’t get at them!


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