Running with a Book?

We had one book due at the library.  I was planning to run to work.  So why not a stop at the Redmond library?

I already had everything I needed in my office, and I’d rather avoid the backpack if I can, so I decided to just carry it.  My fallback plan was to just cup it in my hand, but I wanted to try something with a bag.  I originally grabbed the bag to keep the book out of the rain, but then I realized I could use the handles:


This is one of those reusable, unstructured bags.  I wrapped the handles around the bag (definitely keeps the water out).  Then the loops of the handle were the perfect distance from my palm that I could put my middle fingers through them.  The bag then had some tension and pretty much just stayed in place.

It worked fairly well for a few miles, but I’m not going to make a daily habit of it.


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