Office Move!

How many cargo bikes does it take to move a single office?

In this case, with the help of @GlenBikes, the answer was two.

I was switching groups, and the campus moving crews were booked at least a week past the day of my actual switch.  At first I was a little irritated, but then I realized we could have some fun with it.  The challenge was 6 boxes, a computer, and a large monitor.  The boxes were the standard ones for books.  Three of them actually had books or papers and were pretty heavy.  So first let’s protect that monitor:


Glen’s bakfiets was pretty easy to load – just pile some boxes in a bigger box.  The bungee cord attach to the handlebars was a nice touch, though you can’t really see it here.  It got 3 boxes and the monitor.


Putting bulky things on a longtail was a little more challenging.  The Hooptie held two boxes on end nicely on the rear deck, and a third box (one of the lighter ones) went in the basket.  The rather heavy computer case went on the side on the foot rest.  With enough straps and bungee cords, it stopped moving around.


Then a practice ride in the parking lot:


This was quite wobbly but rideable, so rather than stop and start again, we set off.  I may have come close to dumping it at the intersection stop.

IMG_5107 IMG_5109

And we made it:



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