groceries by bike

We do most of our grocery shopping on foot, but occasionally get to other grocery stores that are farther away. This trip was to PCC. To get there safely by bike, the direct mile-and-a-half turns into about 3 miles, using neighborhood streets and the 60th St bridge over I-405. Well then. Off we go.

We arrived at PCC to find a pile of pallets in front of the bike rack, and a car encroaching on the one cargo bike-accessible space. While I’m glad PCC was willing to sacrifice a car space for this rack (to which I’ve never seen another bike locked, although I know a few other people who do bike there), the rack itself is not very useful.

come on people, you have an entire parking lot!

come on people, you have an entire parking lot!

Well, it makes a good jungle gym.


Loaded up, we headed back home. It was late enough that I figured the babies would fall asleep on the trip home (in fact, one was asleep on my back already), so I put them in the trailer, 4yo in the rear seat and front seat in the basket. Bags of groceries in the bags on the bike, and behind the babies in the trailer. Extra hats and mittens and layers are also in the basket.


On the way home we did some scouting. No, the access to the Cross Kirkland Corridor from 60th St is not cargo bike-friendly. But on foot it would suffice. So we’ll add this option to Mark’s running routes.


And then uphill home, where I found some hills on which I’d need to work harder than I wanted, even assisted. So I kicked the 6yo off the back and made her walk uphill. She ran ahead, so now the question is who’s faster? A six-year-old, or mom on a stokemonkeyed but fully loaded cargo bike? Answer: 6yo.


Off to our right is a forest and playground I’d never seen before, so I think we’ll be back to explore more.

I arrived home with two sleeping babies in the trailer, but extracting the turkey from behind one of them woke him up. The other slept the rest of the afternoon in the trailer.


4 thoughts on “groceries by bike

    • I scouted this. I don’t think I could get the cargo bike through the fence opening at the top, and I would not be comfortable riding or walking it up or down the hill – even unloaded. I think I would walk a normal bike through it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually added steps.


    • I have taken a bike down this several times (just a normal bike with a pannier) whose office is just down by the lake down the hill from here. I walk it down because it is VERY steep and also very messy. Riding back up 60th from the lake to 108th Ave is fun. This is the steepest hill I have ridden in Kirkland I think.


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