two kids on a bike

Mark’s mom came to visit us last week, which means that I had some extra childcare flexibility. So I took the opportunity to take the two big kids (ages 4 and 6) to the library, just the three of us. The babies are maniacs at the library, toddling around and pulling books off the shelves, so I try not to take them.

The big thing I learned on this trip is wow. Carting two big kids around on a cargo bike is a piece of cake and so, so fun. We were later coming back than I’d planned, but I’d hoped to stop at Grass Lawn park on the way back. They love that park, and we ride past it all the time, but don’t usually stop. This time, though, I told them “five minutes.” Who stops at a park for five minutes? Bikers, that’s who! It takes five minutes to get out of the car and over to the playground and back. But with the bike we could ride right up to the playground, and with just the two of them, they were off the bike in a flash and up the play structure. Five minutes turned into eight with some bike outreach, and then we were back on the bike and back home for lunch.


we are parked right next to the playground



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